Cahootify: Shall we ‘hoot’ or boot


Cahootify is a fairly new online platform that gives anyone who wants to join the film industry and opportunity to get ahead in their plans to do so. They’re there to make your ideas happen. Through Cahootify you can reach out to people that share your work ethic and determination to get thing done in order to gain help on your projects. This is a great way to network and find people with things in common with you. I see new friends on the horizon don’t you think!

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The best thing about using Cahootify to network is you can recruit staff with the specific qualities you are looking for.  The platform is home to those that are committed to working hard and show an immense passion for the projects that they are creating. Well, I suppose you’d expect someone who is creating a film to have a love for the ideas that they are bringing to life. That’s the beauty of this platform – it brings people who share this love together.

film real

So, so far Cahootify is looking like a pretty good creation that provides amazing opportunities for the future directors and other minds behind films for tomorrow. There are other things though that are important when it comes to anything new – whether it be a new platform, idea or even a new film. That’s the marketing. You won’t get anywhere without the appropriate marketing to help boost sales or even potential customers, and subscribers etc. Social media is one of the biggest ways to market something online, I have already uploaded a post that includes a podcast about marketing on Twitter. Cohootify is already on this band wagon with their very own Twitter account in order to branch out.


But twitter isn’t the only social media platform that is any good for marketing, Facebook and Instagram both offer their own unique marketing possibilities. Instagram uses the common folksonomy hashtags as a way of reaching out to people who use or have an interest in the same sort of posts used on that particular hashtag. I have previously written a blog post about the taxonomies and folksonomies of Instagram which will give further detail on the use of hashtags and usernames as well as the best time to post on Instagram. Twitter and Instagram share a common positive about the use of hashtags – the hashtags allow you to branch out to people that may be interested in the same things but may not be on your friends or followers lists. This allows you to make new connections with the people that share your likes.


Facebook however is a little different though. If you want to market your things on Facebook there are a number of ways you could look at. Firstly, you could just do a regular post sharing a link or a picture that is representative of the brand and triggers peoples interests. The only problem with this would be the fact that is restricted to whoever is on your friends list. Another option is the way that Cahootify have done it. You can create a page with all your details etc. Once the page is created you can send requests to all your friends to like the page but if you also set you page as open then anyone who searches can also like the page.


However, it is suggested that ‘word of mouth’ is the most important way of marketing whether it be through conversations online or in person. This is suggested because in some cases customers value and believe what they have actually been told by a friend or family member over what is said online. This can generally be the case because of fake news stories that are occasionally published and posted to social media sites in order to cause a reaction with the public. Honestly, in a number of occasions I have been more inclined to believe what I have been told over something on the internet, I know this makes me seem pretty gullible – but I just trust my family and friends to be honest with me. So why not believe them?

It’s a very common thing for people to talk to each other about what they have seen and found interesting, or just discuss things that they like in general. I guess this is what makes ‘word of mouth’ such a good marketing technique. You don’t even necessarily have to wait for someone  to start the conversations flowing for you. You could always instigate the whole ‘word of mouth’ chain reaction yourself to get the ball rolling.


As Cahootify has done, it’s important to have a presence on a number of social media platforms such as all the ones from above. This is important because not everyone uses every social media platform that is available. Therefore by branching out and putting your brand on a number of different platforms then you are able to access more people in your target audience. This is something Cahootify appears to understand as the brand is available on all the platforms that have been discussed in this post. On each platform they are accessing more and more potential film makers and therefore increasing the number of people using and talking about Cahootify.

social media

Personally I believe that Cahootify  is a very good platform for all those potential film makers. It gives them an opportunity to get a head start in the idea of professional work and allows them to work with other people with similar passions and ideas as them. The platform also gives them the opportunity to explore and work with their own ideas, work on showing them in suitable ways for an audience and work on perfecting them in way that their happy with. It is nice to see that there is a platform out their that helps to push people to work on their creative flair.

directors chair

If I were to offer any suggestions to the minds behind Cahootify, I would suggest that they hold their own annual film festival. Maybe do a day where they introduce the company and tell new potentials about what the company can offer to them. This may be something that encourages them to then sign up to be a member of the Cahootify community and put themselves out there. Another day could be dedicated to showing films that the members of the Cahootify community have been working on together and therefore giving them a head start in getting their work recognised. This will therefore allow them to feel good about their own work. There could even be awards given for things like best film, best sound track or even best use of effects. As well as maybe even getting some feedback on their work to allow them to keep improving.

So finally, on a whole I believe that Cahootify is a brilliant platform that allows for people to develop their creative ideas amongst people that share their views. So if you’ve taken the time to read the entirety of this post and you haven’t yet gone and made yourself a cahootify account. I would suggest that if the idea of making your ideas come to life with people that also enjoy doing this, then go do it!

Caught up in Christmas 


christmas 1

The tree is up, lights are flashing. Tinsel out and stockings hung. Christmas is a beautiful time of year that brings the entire family together.


Every family has different Christmas traditions. Some sit and watch the Christmas specials on TV, others travel between family members giving gifts and sharing the Christmas spirit.

My family have our own Christmas traditions.

Every year we have a very early start due to having a younger sibling who is always full of excitement. He gets up and checks the mince pie and milk he left out for Santa. Then he notices his presents. Seeing his face light up at the sight of presents is enough to make being up so early worth it!

christmas 3

We spend the day with the whole family which is lovely, especially because we can all sit down for dinner together. But it’s what comes after dinner that we love the most…

At some point in the afternoon, my grandad ends up getting the guitar out and all the sheet music. We all sit down together and end my grandma always pushes me to sing something whilst my grandad plays the guitar. And then as the evening progresses the whole family is joining in and we are singing together, as a family.

It may not be pitch perfect, but it’s definitely a perfect Christmas for me.

christmas 2

Pretty Little Liars Special


So, earlier today I watched the Pretty Little Liars special episode! This is the episode that gave the audience some answers before the rest of season 6 airs on January 12th 2016.

This episode wasn’t a proper episode as such, instead it was a sit down with the creators, and cast allowing them to give there opinions and take on what’s to come in the second half of the season. The cast in this episode were revealing some of the changes that have happened to their characters over the 5 year time jump.


I have been a fan of Pretty Little Liars (PLL) ever since the pilot episode and that was launched way back in 2010. The big secret of ‘A’ was kept for 5 years but now with the time jump new secrets are being made, new lies told and a new threat on the horizon.

The cast said that the show takes some darker turns, for example Ezra returns to Rosewood and takes to the bottle for comfort as when he returns, he returns with bigger issues. As well as Ezra having his problem, there is also this new threat, it won’t be the same little games that we’re all used to. Instead this threat will be bigger and badder than what ‘A’ was.


However, as many changes that there will be to the show, I am still excited to see the new episodes nonetheless.

Cat Got Your Tongue?

In the majority of my posts I have attempted to keep them based on music, there may be the odd post which has loose connections to music or is based on a different topic completely, for example my group post ‘Instagram in a nutshell‘ Which I worked on with Danielle Morritt and Sarah Price.

We are all fairly new to the world of blogging, and we are still working on perfecting our ‘voice’ that will allow us to be heard by you! I have always known that music is a passion of mine, which is what makes it so easy for me to talk about music. Especially when opening up about my own personal past experiences with music and performing.



Finding your voice whilst blogging to me, is just like finding the right piece of music. It may not be something that everyone will enjoy, BUT! There is always going to be someone, or maybe even some people, out there that will love it.

That Music Malarky


Have you ever just put your headphones on, where that one song has come on and it’s like – BAM! Instant music video mode. You could be walking down the street, or up an aisle in the supermarket, sat on the bus,  maybe even in the middle of school on your break or lunch. You always get into it wherever you are, even if it’s just a bit of a bounce in your step, but you don’t even realise you’re doing it until someone notices you. But then you shy away. Don’t! Embrace it, it’s a lot more fun, believe me!

There are other times when you’re listening to music and there’s that one song that comes on and you instantly feel good about everything. These are the songs you just want to get up and dance to and not worry about anything else in the world. My feel good song is Boomerang by The Summer Set. (I am actually listing to that song right now!!!)
927678_711908638852611_1585204111_nI also went to see that band live, and there is no feeling that can describe how amazing it is to see a band live. The way music just brings a crowd together where everyone sings along and jumps at the same time is AH-MAZING! Music is just a brilliant way of cheering someone up.

Instagram in a Nutshell


The most common way to be identified on Instagram is through the use of usernames. Usernames are unique to the user as no two usernames can be the same, this therefore makes it easier to search someone you know and want to follow. When you first open Instagram up you will see the most recent posts from those who you follow and together these make up the most common taxonomies of Instagram. Taxonomies are a structured form of classification – in simpler terms it’s the way Instagram organises information to suit you.

Another way to be identified on Instagram is through the use of hashtags, as on Instagram the hashtags are one of the key features. They are used more commonly on Instagram than they are on other social media sites as on here hashtags are a way of getting your posts seen. Some of the most common hashtags used are – likeforlike, followforfollow, food, friends, party, girl, boy, love. When you go to use a hashtag it shows you how popular that particular hashtag is, this then encourages you to search that hashtag and look at what other posts people have put with that particular one. Using brands as your hashtags, for example coca cola and Topshop, also makes your posts more noticeable as these are defined brands that everyone knows and loves. Doing this has become sort of a trend and as each day goes on more and more people use brands as their hashtags. In technical terms, hashtags are practically Instagrams main folksonomy. For Instagram a folksonomy is the system developed through the tags and keywords that the user uses.


Time is another important element when it comes to posting on Instagram, the peak times are 11-2 and 5-7 on weekdays, and Sunday is a really interactive day with most users being active for the most part of the day. However one key tip is to not post too often but still stay active as you don’t want to discourage your followers interest.

All the features we have discussed above would be useful to anyone starting out on Instagram and wanting to get their posts noticed.

When life gives you lemons


Everybody struggles with something in their life, whether they show it or not, they do. But some challenges are easier to deal with than others.

In my life, my biggest struggle has been my lack of self confidence and the fact that I always doubt what I do. When I was younger the biggest issue with having no confidence was I was always afraid to stand out and be my own person. I never raised my hand in class, never offered my opinion in a discussion, honestly I couldn’t even bring myself to express my feelings – I just followed the crowd. I kept wishing to be older, an adult that was independent and strong – practically wishing the years away.

As I progressed through my years in primary school I grew to loath being described as that “shy little girl.” So, I surrounded myself with friends that brought out the version of me that was trapped inside, scared to show herself, the little girl that wasn’t so shy. These friends pushed me to do things they knew I could do but was too afraid to even consider.

My biggest challenge then was auditioning for a role in my year 6 Christmas musical. To my suprise I was given the lead role of Mary in our musical rendition of the nativity. I was overjoyed at what I had achieved just by putting my lack of confidence to one side and doing something that made me feel extraordinary – there is nothing that can describe how amazing it felt to be up on stage without a care in the world.

Moving on to high school kind of pushed me back into my shell. I was in a new place, without any of my friends. I immediately went back to my shy, insecure self.

However, my school held an annual Christmas showcase in which students can perform and showcase their talents. The first year I was there, my parents encouraged me to join – so I did.

I loved it!

I went on to repeat this tradition every year because there was nothing in my life that made me feel as confident as when I stand on a stage and just sing.

Life is tough and we all do have struggles but if we look hard enough into ourselves – we all have something that completely transports us away from our struggles and gives us the strength we need to go on.

Music is what made me a stronger person – something that gave me hope and confidence. It made me realise…

Life isn’t a race as to who can finish first, be the strongest or even the prettiest. Life is a challenge to find who and what make you a better person, and find those who you encourage to be stronger too.

When life gives you lemons, it’s not to make your life sour, but instead is just one of the ingredients to make it sweeter.

Sharing is Caring


Everyone is different.

Some people like music, some like math, others may even fancy themselves as a politics enthusiast. But we all have one thing in common – we all share things that inspire us, entertain us or even simply just something that we like there and then.

Personally, I share a lot of covers of popular songs that have been adapted by unknown bands (or should I say bands that aren’t exactly ‘famous’ as we know it) and made their own.  One of my favourite examples would be a band called Twenty One Two. Take their cover of the Ellie Goulding song ‘Love me like you do’ for example. The original is sweet and tempting, but this cover is more in depth. I love this cover because it’s edgy and different, but also has a sort of ‘sexy’ presence about it that draws you in and keeps you listening. But, why did I share this cover?


Listening to this version made me stop and think –  ‘yeah I want to do that, I want to attack someone’s emotions, I want to take something and make it my own!’ I thought if this could inspire me, what’s saying it couldn’t inspire others. Additionally, by sharing just one cover also presents them to my followers or friends which could potentially increase their fan-base. Which in my opinion if a band can make me feel such emotions then they deserve to have more fans.


I purposefully linked my Youtube account to my twitter so that my followers could see the videos that I had liked. This is my way of sharing songs and covers that I really enjoy, or even find inspirational.

A lot of people share things for a number of different reasons – myself for inspiration, others for humour or awareness. Everyone is different, but, sharing is caring.

Music and Me…

Over the years I have explored a number of different styles and genres of music, going through different phases depending on the genre of music that I was ‘into’ at that specific moment in time.

My first major phase was country music, filling up my playlist with classics from Dolly Parton, Rascal Flatts and many more. Once I had a song that I really liked, that was it – that song was overplayed to a point where everyone was sick of it. But, it was during this phase that I found my love of actually performing music.

Licensing - Public Domain

Once I began establishing myself and the music I liked, my music tasted progressed to the total opposite end of the spectrum as I began to listen to heavier styles of music. But as bands like Bullet for my Valentine and Black Sabbath filled my playlist – my hair and clothes also darkened with my music – I may have died my hair black for this.
metal 2

However, over the space of about a year or so, I realised that this genre was way too much for me. So I retreated – searching for a balance between the two phases that you could not only dance and sing along to, but also feel the meaning that artist is trying to portray. That’s when I found Pop Punk. I heard one State Champs song and that was it…

I was hooked!

This was the point that I also started to go to gigs and see my favourite bands live. To this day my favourite thing about seeing a pop punk band live is the fact that the band get just as much into the songs as the audience do. So they’re jumping and dancing along with us. Nothing compares to that feeling when everyone in the room is feeling the music and showing it.

Although, if you were to look at my playlist now, you would probably see a combination of so many different genres. As I have realised, music genres aren’t a phase – instead it’s you growing with music.